The 2012-13 season is something to be remembered. The character, passion, determination, and wisdom of the team was something that can never be forgotten. The strong finish to the season showed how a group of guys can come together when handling adversity. We went into the bye week 2-6 and finished the regular season at 10-6. We lost in the first round to the Seahawks which was a great game. As a team, we pulled together and showed that when healthy and playing to the level that we need to play, we are a team that can handle any situation thrown our way. The difference between this past years team and the past is that we were closer as a unit. Guys started to gel in the locker room. Some say, the vibe in the building was different because of the way everyone acted in the building of where everything takes place in Virginia at Redskins park. 
Congratulations to Trent Williams, Robert Griffin III, and Lorenzo Alexander on making the Pro Bowl. Also, Alfred Morris, and London Fletcher on being alternates for the pro bowl. Those guys are all tremendous athletes and even better people who deserve every bit of success. 
This off-season, I will be traveling to Japan to visit military troops to do another Superbowl tour. Last year in Honduras and El Salvador, I had the chance to learn what commentary was. I hope to learn more about what the military does for this country and how they gel together in tough situations. 
Look for updates throughout the off-season to check in and see what events will be taking place.
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