Today we just practiced in the hanger at the airport because we do not have an indoor facility and it was raining all day.

It was basically a walk through and more of a chance for us to get down the game plan mentally.
I am pretty excited because I will be starting on special teams this week on the kickoff return team. I have been staring on punt returns and starting on both this week will be a great experience.
I am battling with Perry Riley for the special team’s spot, so the team has been splinting the reps between the two us from week to week.
I am looking forward to getting on the field and showing the team what I can do.
We are playing the Indianapolis Colts and Peyton Manning this week on Sunday night football so I am pretty excited about that.
In college I was recruited as a running back and they switched me over to linebacker and when I signed with the Redskins, they switched me back to running back and I currently play fullback for them.
Although I really enjoyed hitting people as I did as a linebacker, I also enjoy running with the ball and as a fullback I can still hit people, it’s just in an offensive manner rather then defensive manner.
I can still knock some heads and cause some punishment when I am running with the ball and I like that.
I am just to hoping to play well, make a good impression this week and come out with the win. 
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